Hi, my name is Mina. Your coach to avoid exam anxiety.

Mina is the first digital therapist and coach who is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and is at your side to provide mental support for exam fears, performance pressure and learning stress. Mina is currently in a closed beta phase and is being tested with students. After the launch, further therapy courses (depression, burnout, bullying, etc.) will follow.

Your personal therapy chatbot

  • AI based algorithm
  • Cross Platform Mobile App (iOS & Android)
  • Choose from 16 different therapy topics (e.g. Test Anxiety, Burnout, Depression, Life Crisis, etc. )
  • Personalized coaching based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), developed by therapists and software experts
  • Helpful tips & coachings to improve your mood

Mina is the world's first chatbot with standardised therapy processes


Location independent & contactless

Digital therapy sessions with Mina can be carried out comfortably from home, no risk of infection in the event of lockdowns.


Affordable - up to 90% savings

10 therapy sessions cost around € 1,000. The same therapeutic services are available with Mina Chatbot for around € 75.


Anonymous - Protection of privacy

  • Patients can share concerns without feeling ashamed
  • Building trust in strangers is not necessary
  • No note in the medical record


Time saving - no waiting times

Therapies with the Mina chatbot are available at any time of the day. Long journeys and waiting times for appointments are a thing of the past.